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Elevator Telephone Service

Thank You for your Interest in ETS (Elevator Telephone Service) the number one choice in elevator emergency communications.  ETS provides a full service monitoring and maintenance package for your elevator telephones.  Our full service model is what sets us apart from all other providers.

Call us Today: 1-800-441-4449


Why should I become an ETS customer?


Single Point of Contact

As an ETS customer you receive an end to end solution for your emergency elevator communications.  We provide the monitoring, dispatch, equipment, and service for your elevator telephone.


Monthly Service and testing with NO REINSPECTION FEES

Each month a trained technician will personally inspect your elevator telephone and document that it is fully functional and up to code.  Should the phone need repair or adjustment, maintenance will be performed with no reinspection fee to the customer


24X7 Monitoring

As a customer of ETS you receive the benefit of a trained specialists and operators that monitor your elevator telephone around the clock. Our 24X7 monitoring ensures that every time a passenger enters your elevator they can do so with safety and with confidence knowing that an ETS professional is standing by. 


No Phone line required

Unlike traditional service, ETS provides a turnkey package that does not require a traditional land line.  This means lower monthly operational costs per elevator.


ADA Compliance

Our solution is ADA code compliant for a hands free telephone.   Should a passenger need assistance, help can be summoned at the touch of one button.  Our one touch system connects passengers directly with an operator who is fully trained to assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate help immediately.


Guaranteed against all lighting damage

Because our solution does not require a traditional phone line, our equipment is virtually immune to all lighting strikes so much so that we guarantee our equipment against ALL lighting damage

National Elevator Code compliant

Our solution is fully compliant with all national elevator codes for safety and operation.

How do I become an ETS Customer

Call us Today: 1-800-441-4449

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